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In order to find a suitably matching egg donor for you and also to optimize your chances of conception, we would seek some information from you .

Egg Donor RequirementsFirst of all, we  request you to submit your recent photograph that highlights your facr and features, and also to fill up a form already appearing on this site, so that we can match you as close as possible to a lady willing to donate her eggs.

Please note that as per ICMR guidelines, we are not reveal the photo graphs of our donors, although, if you want, we can furnish their profiles and investigation reports.

We will require certain blood tests and sonography reports from you as follows:-

Complete Blood Count ( CBC )

Blood Sugar—Fasting and two hours Post-meal

TSH and Prolactin



HCV Antibody test

Hepatitis B & C tests

Anti-thyroglobulin antibodies, Anti-microsomal thyroid antibodies

Urine routine and Microscopy

Sonography report:

Please send us the report of:-

1) A recent trans-vaginal sonography done around day 12 of your menstrual period ( day 1= 1st     day of menses)  in order to determine the endometrial thickness and echotexture.

2) Uterine morphology


The following Blood Tests are required of your Husband or Partner too:-



HCV Antibody test

Hepatitis B & C Test

Blood sugar –Fasting and Post-meal


A recenr report of Semen Analysis.

In case you are post-menopausal that is you have stopped getting menstruation  we prepare your uterine lining using hormonal pills for 2 to 3 cycles and then after inducing 2 to 3 menses, we will prepare you for embryo transfer as we do for all other patients.

Once we decide that Egg Donation is a feasible option for you need to decide when to start the treatment and let us know about it.

For an overview of how an Individual cycle of Egg Donation is run please read the next module.

IMSI Technique
Intracytoplasmic Mophologically Selected Sperm Injection.In the prevalent ICSI technique,the sperm is magnified 200 times whereas in the IMSI technique the sperm is magnified 7000 times. Only the morphologically normal sperm under this magnification is used for ICSI by our embryologist.

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