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Surrogate Mother Mumbai India

Surrogate Mother Mumbai India
SURROGASSIST is our endeavor to provide facilitatory services for Intended Parents especially Non-Indian foreign Intended Parents staying abroad.
Surrogacy   is  a  wonderful  way  of  family  building  for  those  who  have  difficulty  in  achieving  this. Surrogacy  is  a  process  when  another  woman  carries  pregnancy  and  gives  birth  to  a  baby  for  you. Many  times  Surrogacy  is  the  only  way  for  intended  parent  to  have  a  child. We  understand  that  process  of  surrogacy   is  emotionally,  financially  and  legally  demanding. That  is  why ,our  team   at  Surrogassist’  help  you  at  each  and  every  step  and  will  be  with  you  at  each and  every  step  of  this  process.


What  is  “ Surrogassist ?’

We at  ‘Surrogassist’  work  closely  with  Sairaj Fertility Solutions, Kalyan  to  provide  ‘one-stop’  comprehensive  services  to  our  international  and  Indian  intended  parents. W e  provide  comprehensive  services  for  gestational  surrogacy, egg  donation, embryo  donation. IVF/ICSI/IMSI.

Apart  from  providing   young , beautiful  and  educated  and  “ Top-quality”  Surrogates  as well  as Egg  Donors,  We  provide our  highly  personalized, compassionate  and   expert  services  not  only  to  intended  parents  but  to  gestational  surrogates  and  international  and  Indian  egg  donors. We  have  an  extremely  caring, knowledgeable, professional  staff  that  is  looking  forward  to  working  for  you  at  each  and  every  step  of  treatment, be  it  surrogacy, egg donation or  simply  by  IVF/ICSI/IMSI procedures.

Moreover,  through  ‘Surrogassist’   we  offer   comprehensive  legality  services   so you  can  thus  be  confident  of  going  through  any  of  these  assisted  reproduction  treatments  with  relaxed  minds  leaving  the  intricacies  and  hassles  of  these  treatments  to  managed  by  us  for  you.

We  fully  understand  that  whether  you  are  looking  to  become  a  parent  through” self  cycle surrogacy”  or “ egg  donation  and  surrogacy”, the  process  can  seem  overwhelming  that  is  why  our  team  will  walk  with  you , guide  you, assist  you  at  each  and  every  step  of  the  process. We  will  strive  to  make  this  process  pleasant  and  emotionally  rewarding  for  you.


Services offered by Surrogassist consist of:

Surrogate Mother Mumbai India

During surrogate’s pregnancy:
  • Meeting your surrogate every month and as and when required by her
  • Providing her periodic photos during pregnancy
  • Visit the surrogate when she gets hospitalized
  • Visit your baby in case of early unexpected delivery


Logistic Arrangements:
  • Pick up from airport
  • Arrange hotel/apartment accommodation
  • Assistance for shopping, Indian SIM Cards, providing emergency telephone numbers
  • Any guidance about travelling, accessories, information etc while in India


Around surrogate’s delivery time:
  • Accompany you to the hospital on the day of delivery
  • Baby care guidance for first 2 to 3 days
  • Care assistance by local nanny for 5 days


Documentations Assistance
  • Guidance in filling forms for Birth Certificate
  • Assistance to arrange all documentations for Foreign Regional Registration
  • Arrange interpretor/translator if you need


Our  aim is  always  to  bring  happiness  in  the  lives  of  the  intended  parents  by  assisting  the  intended  parents  at  each  aspect  of  treatment.

We  have  many  attractive packages to  help  you  build  a  family, some  of  them  are listed  below, but  more  importantly  we  can  ‘ customize’  a  package  for  suiting  and  taking  into  consideration  if  you  have  any  specific  needs. Please  contact  us  for  an  informative  free  consultation   on  our  e-mail:  or  on  our  cell  no:   +91 9820216088







We  offer  Total  Services  to  our  clients  for  Surrogacy  through  our ‘ SURROGASSIST’

IMSI Technique
Intracytoplasmic Mophologically Selected Sperm Injection.In the prevalent ICSI technique,the sperm is magnified 200 times whereas in the IMSI technique the sperm is magnified 7000 times. Only the morphologically normal sperm under this magnification is used for ICSI by our embryologist.

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